Ceará has lovely surprises, like the bucolic Icaraizinho. Located just 220km from the capital Fortaleza, there it is located Pousada Les Alizes, the paradise of the winds.

Pousada Les Alizes pays homage to the winds that cool the coast of Ceará. Lez Alizes means “trade winds”. Trade winds are the winds caused by the rotation of the earth, crossing the Atlantic Ocean from the African coast to Brazil. While the earth does not stop spinning, they will blow on the coast of Ceará. And Icaraizinho have high-wind blowing incessantly from July to January. Winds highly appreciated by yachtsmen from wind and kite surfing!

Do you know why this is the ideal place for those who want to get out of the routine, relax and have fun in intense contact with nature? It is because the Pousada Les Alizes offers 09 comfortable cabins, restaurant, bar, parking and is next to the ClubVentos that attracts practitioners of Windsurf, Kitesurf and SUP several countries.

In addition to enjoying his rest facing the sea, you can enjoy your visit to the fullest with a trip to Lagoon Caetanos or SUP adventure (stand up paddle) in the mangroves, to see the natural beauty of the region.

Let yourself be carried away by the momentum of the hammock and enjoy the delicious wind whisper.

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